Important For Us All

The SVAA is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of all antique, collector,
vintage and specialty vehicles. One of the most effective ways we can contribute to the
achievement of our mission is to ensure that our vehicles are as safe as possible. This is a
natural fit with the highway safety objectives of the Alberta government.

We are indeed privileged as the province has no desire to enter into the safety check business
preferring to leave it to the hobby to monitor itself. To that end, the SVAA has done two things to
help the hobbyist with safety checks.

1. A Safety Check form has been drafted for use by the owner/checker in the annual safety
check. (This is a visual inspection only, no components of the vehicle need to be removed.)
NOTE: the SVAA welcomes suggestions for improvements to the Safety Check form. Please
send your suggestions to

2. SVAA stickers have been produced that will be provided to each owner demonstrating that they
have completed a Safety Check and their vehicle has
complied. To get stickers send an e-mail to
In the interest of our being able to continue the self-monitoring safety checks, the SVAA encourages you to do a Safety Check on your vehicle,
report its completion to your club and encourage your club to report the total number of Safety Checks done to the SVAA at

Our continued efforts to ensure that our vehicles are on the road in a safe, roadworthy condition can only reinforce our already excellent relations
with the Government of Alberta.
Safety Sheet  |  Safety Guidelines    (updated Apr 27/16)
Please forward your inquiries to