Jim Herbert

Jim Herbert

I  have been involved in the automotive hobby for over 50 years. My interest started when my father gave me an old motorcycle. Growing up in rural Alberta, I quickly turned this street bike into trail bike to be used instead of saddle horses. A wrecked bike was traded for a chopped Model A roadster into which a flathead Mercury V-8 was installed to take the little “A” down the track. I was working on the oil rigs to support is car hobby and as winters are cold in Alberta, the Merc flathead was installed in 1941 Ford Coupe that could be raced on the weekends and still get me to work.

Marriage and return to school spelled the end of the coupe. A more economical car was required. I was introduced to LBC’s (little British cars). Numerous MG’s, Austin Mini Cooper and Triumph Vitesse followed until an expanded family required larger vehicles.

In the past 15 years I have done several frame-off restorations of MG’s and Triumphs including a 1951 MGTD from being an ornament in a bar to an International Show winner. Not only has the little MG won numerous Best of Show awards it was participated in many road rallies including an 1800-mile 15-day rally tour of Southern Ontario and New York State.

I am past President of Calgary MG Car Club and has been involved in organizing numerous All British Field Meets in Alberta and BC.

With SVAA since 2009, I am the President a position held 2016. Past work on governmental and environmental legislation while in the Petroleum Industry has taught Jim that the only way to prevent overly restrictive legislation is to be at the table to be able to present your side of the issue. That is what SVAA does. It represents the automotive hobby at the table with an informed voice backed by its many member clubs around Alberta.