Top Notch Protection at Low Cost
Why do we, as specialty vehicle club people, need insurance?

One word:
Comprehensive insurance program to clubs at reasonable cost - that has been the SVAA’s goal for many years. Member clubs
are eligible purchase the insurance package.

What do we get?

Our sanctioned events and meetings have General Liability coverage ranging from bodily injury and property damage to volunteer
payments. It also includes setup and takedown at club events, all club meetings and events such as swap meets and fundraisers.

Further, the insurance company acts on our behalf and our member clubs when there is an incident. All volunteers and committees are
covered. The policy limit is $5,000,000.

If you are an Officer or Director of your club, you will want coverage. It is your responsibility in your role to act in a reasonable and
prudent manner.

That being said, in the litigious culture of today, directors and officers are being named in lawsuits even when they are not apparently
involved. The
SVAA insurance program covers the cost of your legal defence. The policy limit is $1,000,000.

What does the SVAA insurance program cost us?

Using a club with 20 members as an example, the cost of insurance is $90 per year, ($2.00/member x 20 members + $50
Administration)  A Certificate of Insurance is sent to the club upon receipt of their application for membership. Coverage is provided
for the calendar year.

Additional Certificates covering specific events are provided as needed at no additional charge.

Insurance is available only to SVAA member clubs.

This summary is issued as a matter of information only and is subject to application of terms and conditions the actual policies placed
by SVAA.
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Information Sheet
(posted May3/17)